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Be Active. Get Smarter.

When you flex your muscles, you also flex your brain! In a recent study, researchers determined that people who exercise enhance the plasticity of their brain. The benefits include better learning ability, improved memory, and even recovery from some neurological conditions.

As we age, brain plasticity declines, adversely affecting our ability to learn and retain memory. The study, published in the December 7 journal Current Biology, demonstrated in a small group how even a moderate amount of physical activity enhanced the neuroplasticity in the visual cortex of the adult brain.

The researchers at the National Research Council's Neuroscience Institute employed fascinating methodology to measure residual brain plasticity in humans. Their approach utilized eye patches to test binocular rivalry in subjects while watching a movie, either while sitting or while exercising on a stationary bike. Typically, our eyes work together, but when one eye is covered with a patch the covered eye becomes stronger as the visual cortex compensates for the lack of visual stimulation.

The results of the tests demonstrated greater ocular rivalry in the exercising condition, supporting the view that physical activity enhances brain. The study also pointed out that this finding could potentially help people recover from amblyopia (lazy eye) and traumatic brain injury.

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Jeff Edwards