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Can a Thync Vibe Help You Find True Love?

Butterflies, sweaty palms, nervous glances, uncomfortable silences. First-date anxiety leaves so many people feeling stressed out, uncomfortable, and not able to be themselves.

What if you could change all that before a date to relax and feel more confident? 

Thync has spent years conducting rigorous scientific research on technology that can calm or energize you within minutes.

To test how a Thync Calm Vibe would help with those pre-date jitters, we recruited a group of Boston-area singles as Alpha testers to see if we could help them feel more at ease. We asked each participant how nervous they felt on a scale of 1-10 before and after the date, on average, their pre-date nerves were reduced by more than 30%.

Here are a few stories…

Chrissy: Easier Transition from Work 

Using the Thync device helped Chrissy make the transition from work to her date much more easily. “Before the date I was extremely agitated from work. It was a really stressful day,” Chrissy told us.

Chrissy didn’t want to cancel her plans, so she used Thync to help her feel calmer prior to meeting her date.” You really don’t want to meet someone and be in a mood like that when they don’t even know you.”

Chrissy reported that after her Thync Vibe, she felt her anxiety and frustration from work melt away. “I definitely felt refreshed.”

Michael: Feeling Calmer

19-year-old Michael reported feeling nervous before a first date with a girl he met in his Spanish class. He really wanted to make a good impression. Before a date, he would typically takes a nap or get pre-date pep talks from friends. This time, he opted for a 20-minute calm Vibe.

After his Calm Vibe, he felt a reduction in nervousness and said he’d be open to trying it before every date from now on.

Rhonda: Less Nervous

Instead of texting her best friends in a panic, Rhonda decided to try a Vibe before her second date with a man she met on an online dating site. She told us that being shy and nervous often impacts her and thinks her dates can tell that she is not feeling entirely herself.

"If I can’t comfortably be myself and I’m just worrying about all sorts of things, and what they’re thinking of me and what I’m supposed to say, it definitely impacts what [my dates] think of me,” she said. “They are getting a false impression of who I am."

After an initial Vibe, she went on her date feeling calm. Being relaxed meant Rhonda was able to freely speak her mind in ways that she doesn’t normally on dates, especially with someone she had just met. “I felt like I was being myself. I felt it on his end too,” she said. She thinks her level of comfort helped her date feel at ease.

More Quotes…

Other testers reported that Thync helped them feel more at ease and confident in first dates, which lead to second dates.

"I think it [Thync] really helped make the conversation flow better. I wasn’t searching for conversation topics in my head. I wasn’t second-guessing myself. I felt confident in my answers and the conversation I was making…I do have a second date with this girl, luckily enough."


“There’s probably a good chance we will have a second date in the near future. I think that using the Calm Vibe did help me on that date and it’s definitely something I would continue to use.”


The Result?

Each of the subjects reported reduced nervousness, a sense of calm, and even less agitation on their dates after a Calm Vibe.

While Thync can’t take all the credit for their dating success, Calm Vibes did help these singles feel confident, relaxed, and more like themselves. The moral of the story? Thync can help you play it cool, but generating heat is up to you.

Kim Tran