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Can Intensive Exercise Affect The Way You Sleep?

More Reps May Cause Fewer Winks.

If you think that intensive training tires you out and leads to more sleep…think again. There is evidence that some athletes may have difficulty getting quality sleep and even experience mood changes following intense training. Studies also suggest that carbs could help alleviate these effects.

A recent article on ScienceDaily.com showed the results of a study following 13 cyclists during periods of heavy training. Before, during and after intense exercise, the cyclists’ were monitored to ascertain effects on their performance, sleep and moods. In addition, the athletes were given moderate to high amounts of carbohydrates in their diets to determine whether carbs may counter any negative effects.

Researchers noted that over two nine-day training periods there was 'significant and progressive decline in sleep quality' as well as worsening moods. As the training period progressed, the cyclists experienced increased feelings of anger, confusion, depression and stress likely caused by sleep disturbance or deprivation.

The introduction of more carbs in some of the athletes’ diets did reduce some of the training effects and may have led to more sleep. Another key conclusion is the need for ample rest and recovery time following periods of intense training.

Many fitness enthusiasts are using Thync Energy Vibes to get motivated before exercise, and Sleep Vibes to assist in rest and recovery following training. One high-profile Thync advocate is ultra-marathon runner Dean Karnazes, who uses Vibes before and after running.

Read more about this fascinating study here.

Jeff Edwards