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My Parasympathetic Day

The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for rest and digest functions of our bodies and brains. It’s what we activate with meditation and acupuncture, and it’s one of the very basic human neural responses. But in a world that constantly pulls us in to its stress inducing corners and discourages something as natural as rest, our bodies learn to forget this basic function.

Enter the Calm Vibe.

7:00 am - I wake up, fighting the snooze button and thoughts telling me to quit everything and become a hermit. My goose down blanket is not helping (yes, summers are cold in SF!). The only defense I have in this battle is the waft of coffee coming from the kitchen (thank you, automatic coffee timer). I slowly roll out and crawl to the dining room. As I sip my first cup, I snap on my Thync module and run my first Vibe of the day: Unwind. 10 minutes to set me into a calm bliss. The combo of caffeine mixed with parasympathetic stimulation soothes my jumbled thoughts while simultaneously allowing my body to move into my day.

9:15 am - Vinyasa flow. My favorite instructor. The calming effects of my first Vibe are still lingering, allowing me to settle into my yoga mat. As I sit and wait for class to begin, I thank myself for getting up this morning and not succumbing to hermit life.

10:00 am - Settling in to the yoga-flow, my breathing and meditation helps to further stimulate my parasympathetic system, extending my Calm Vibe effects and bringing me to a tranquility that can only be described as peace. Here, I know no stress.

12:30 pm - Heading to my first Vibe Squad meeting, I prepare for a long day of field missions to spread Vibes to my community. It’s sunny and breezy, a rare perfect San Francisco summer day. How lucky are we? My mood remains relaxed and calm. The effects of my morning Vibe and yoga are still flowing. Ready for my day.

2:00 pm - The Squad heads to our first mission, the Flower Piano series in the Botanical Gardens of Golden Gate Park. Local and non-local musicians alike are invited to play any of the 11 pianos scattered throughout the gardens, a perfect setting to spread some Calm Vibes and create awareness about the match that is music + a Calm Vibe.

As a team, we run another Unwind Vibe, my second of the day. The soothing piano sounds mixed with the camaraderie of my team made this Vibe extra euphoric. I once again activated the bliss of my morning, and carried it through our buzz mission in the flower gardens.

7:00 pm - After a day of flowers and music, our team heads to our final event of the evening: a sound healing session at the Center SF.

The idea of trying something so unique and new had my excitement peaked, so I ran my final Unwind Vibe of the day.  With my settled nerves, the class begins. I, along with my team, begin the chants and embrace the experience with exposed and open arms. An hour passes in minutes, without a break in sound. Never in my life have I experienced a meditation so deep and freeing. As the class ends and we give our thanks, I can’t help but also thank my Calm Vibe for allowing me to relax enough to witness such vulnerability in myself.

10:30 pm - My day of meditation and bliss comes to a close, and I fall into a deep and restful sleep.  

Lauren Guidas