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New Vibes to Get You Fit, Zen, and Ready for the Holidays

You asked, and we listened...

If you're like most members of the Thync community, you've been using your Thync a few times a week already. After weeks or months of using Thync, many of you began asking us for different vibes...to keep things interesting.

Today, we are happy to announce four new vibes that are included in the next update of the Thync App. Download the update today!



Energy Vibes

Holiday Lights – An Energy Vibe designed specifically for the Holiday season.  It’s an energy boost with an added sensory experience.  Great for parties, group vibes and listening to music.
Workout – Helps get you motivated to hit the gym and gives you better focus during your workout.  Great for fighting off the extra pounds during the holidays. 

Calm Vibes

Holiday Bliss – Thync scientists have captured the Holiday Spirt in Vibe form. Holiday Bliss is relaxing and intoxicating. Great for parties, or a night on the couch with your favorite holiday film. Elf anyone?
Zen – The new Zen Vibe is all about physical relaxation. It releases tension in your neck, shoulders and body, and helps you relax after a long day holiday shopping, or with the in-laws. 
Ready to try our the new Vibes? Download the Thync App Update today, and give your Holiday season a little special something you've always been looking for. 


Kim Tran