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Introducing Our New Senior Advisor, Dr. Eric Potterat

dr-eric-potterat.jpgToday, we’re excited to share the news that Dr. Eric Potterat, retired Commander and former Head Psychologist for the US Navy SEALs, has joined Thync as a Senior Advisor.

Here are a few of Dr. Potterat’s many achievements:

  • Credited for developing and implementing the Mental Toughness Training Program for the U.S. Navy SEALs and embedding it into their training pipeline
  • 30 peer-reviewed, professional journal and/or chapter publications
  • Featured on national media (History Channel, MSNBC & more)
  • Served as a consultant and speaker on human factors, assessment and selection, wellness, performance optimization and mental toughness to many organizations including: NASA, the U.S. Olympic Training Center, several law enforcement and government agencies, and numerous professional (e.g. NFL, MLB, NBA) and collegiate sports teams

Further, Dr. Potterat is considered a leading expert in: individual and organizational resilience, stress mitigation, high performance teamwork and performance enhancement in high-risk occupations. His world-class expertise on reaching peak performance states, mental resilience and functioning in high stress environments will be a valuable addition to Thync.

Specific efforts will include:

  1. Helping to identify new and impactful ways to utilize our groundbreaking technology for performance and recovery
  2. Integrating Thync into first responder and high performance communities

“I’ve seen the science behind Thync and experienced the effects myself. I believe this technology is a breakthrough that could potentially help the general public, as well as professionals in high pressure environments, lower their stress levels without using chemical solutions.” -Dr. Potterat

At Thync, our mission is to lower stress in the world. With the support of Dr. Potterat we are confident that we are moving forward towards this important goal.

Lindsey Kennedy