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Students Reduce Stress with Thync

At Thync, we’ve spent years engineering and lab testing our product…and testing some more. We want to ensure that it is safe, effective, and meets a high scientific standard. Now, we’re testing the product in real, everyday situations and discovering the positive impact Thync is having on people's lives.

Last month, we shared the outcome of Boston-area singles who used the Thync Calm Vibe to manage first-date jitters, reporting that their nervousness before a date was reduced by more than 30%. They all said they would use it again for future dates.

This month, we’re sharing the experiences of students who used both Thync Calm Vibes and Energy Vibes while studying for finals. In the coming months, we will share more life scenarios where we believe Thync could make a difference. Interested in seeing how Thync could benefit you? Share scenarios you’d like to see tested in the comments section below.

Students manage finals week with more energy and calm

Nobody likes pulling an all-nighter, but sometimes it is necessary in college—especially during finals. Combine the exhaustion of studying all night with pre-exam stress and you’ve got the recipe for some serious mental fatigue.

According to University of Michigan’s National College Health Assessment, stress has become the number one reason students list as negatively affecting their academic performance—up 6% in the past four years.

So what’s a student to do? We asked a group of 14 college students in the Boston area to take a two-pronged approach when gearing up for finals. They used Thync Calm Vibes to help combat stress and Thync Energy Vibes to stay alert while studying for finals.

While some students only used Energy Vibes (one mentioned she didn’t need any “relaxation during finals studying”), most students found that using Energy Vibes and Calm Vibes helped them to stay alert and study longer, while also decreasing their level of stress. This formula led to a better studying experience for 13 of the 14 students, who reported feeling more focused when studying for finals.

Here’s what they said:

“I felt more alert and awake after the session. I’m someone who isn’t really impacted by coffee or energy drinks to [help me] become alert, and this definitely had effects for me.” - Vinita S., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major at Boston University.

“It really helped to focus my energy [on] the task at hand and better ignore distractions. It definitely helped to keep me awake during mid-afternoon energy crashes, too!” - Lindsay W., Healthcare major at Northeastern University.

“I had good effects from the calm program and felt fantastic as I was using it. I fell asleep right after.” - Luke C., Computer Science major at Boston University.

Marguerite C., a Psychology major at Boston University, said she mainly used the Energy Vibes to combat fatigue, but also turned to Calm Vibes after feeling anxious about her exams. “This is probably the best week that I could have done this testing,” she said.

“I do think [Thync Energy Vibes] allowed me to focus and study more effectively than I would have been able to before... my stress on test day was as low as it could have been.” - Shawn T., Medical Science major at Boston University.

The (no studying necessary) lesson?

Students felt that they saw a significant benefit in using both types of Thync Vibes while studying. And, in a rare consensus, 100% of respondents agreed that they were relieved that finals were over.

Interested in participating in future studies?

Sign up to become a tester here. And stay tuned to see how Thync could help you shift your state of mind.

Kim Tran