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Do Sweet Potatoes Benefit The Brain?

Sweet Potatoes: Brain Food

It’s not just for holiday dinners anymore! The sweet potato provides many health benefits, including improved brain function. Some scientists and nutritionists recommend replacing white potatoes with sweet potatoes in your year-round diet.

Most recipes taste much the same when substituting sweet potatoes for white potatoes. As a side dish, sweet potatoes can be prepared in similar ways to their white food cousins – steamed, roasted, etc. And sweet potatoes offer the health benefits of anti-inflammatory agents, they are rich in vitamins C and A, provide more fiber than oatmeal, and have more potassium than a banana.

In addition, powerful antioxidants contained in sweet potatoes boost your immune system and protect you against heart disease and cancer. The nutritional aspects of this orange root vegatable also help control diabetes.

But since we’re all about the brain at Thync, we appreciate how sweet potatoes are excellent for improving memory and other brain functions. The anti-inflammatory properties of sweet potatoes have been shown to improve memory and perhaps even reduce or prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Nutritionists suggest that when shopping for sweet potatoes, buy organic and choose the ones with the most orange color. These contain the most beta-carotene and have the most nutritional value. Add a dollop of butter when serving your sweet potato because a bit of fat helps your body better absorb the vitamins. Sadly, the same principle does not apply for the sweet holiday tradition of serving sweet potatoes with syrup or marshmallows!

Investigate the many health and brain benefits of sweet potatoes here.

Jeff Edwards