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The Coolest (and Most Impactful) Innovations of 2015

There's an old saying: Tell me who you walk with, and I'll tell you who you are. The idea being that the quality of your peers is often a good indication of your own character.

That is perhaps why we were so delighted by the recent article, "The Coolest (and Most Impactful) Innovations of 2015" in UPROXX. Being listed among such staggering innovations as fuel cells, holograms, and advanced prosthetics is flattering and exciting.

An excerpt of the article is below. You can read the full article here


"Humans have always been fascinated by the future. It’s in our nature to wonder what tomorrow has in store and to dream about shattering the limitations of today.

But today is the future.Well technically tomorrow is the future — the future according to one of America’s favorite movies, Back To The Future Part II. October 21, 2015. That’s the date on which Marty McFly arrives after blasting through the space-time continuum and discovers flying cars, self-lacing shoes, hover boards, ample fax machines, flat-screen TVs, video conferencing, holograms and more. You can guess which of these predictions the movie got right and which it got wrong.

The world we live in today, however – the real 2015 – holds innovations and advancements both large and small that Marty McFly would have never seen coming. Some are poised to change the world as we know it, while others will simply help us live better, smarter and more convenient lives. Here are a few of those innovations:

1. Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

2. Personal Air Pollution Monitors

3. Water Saving Showers

4. Change Your Mood With The Press Of A Button



Its been a long day, you’re stressed, worked up and you just want to chill out. Or maybe you’re tired, need to focus and could use a boost of energy. Willing yourself to calm down or feel energized isn’t always easy, but sticking a little device on your forehead and pressing a button that’ll stimulate your brain to generate these feelings is.

That’s the idea behind, Thync, a revolutionary wearable that, according to the comapny, delivers “pulsed neurostimulation waveforms to modulate psychophysiological arousal.” It may sound like science fiction, but it’s not. Plenty of credible media outlets, like GQ and gizmag, have tested it and confirm it actually works.

First, you’ll need to choose between the two types of Thync Vibes, calm and energy. Each vibe coordinates with its own Thync Strip (there are calm strips and energystrips). Next, you’ll attach a Thync Strip to the to the Thync Module (the white object seen in the photo above), and place the adhesive module on your forehead as directed.

Now, using the Thync app on your iPhone (any 4s running iOS 8 or newer will do), choose your vibe, calm or energy, dial in your desired intensity, and tap a button on your phone to start the neurosignaling waveforms. After just a few minutes of use, the effect of the Vibe can last for up to an hour, and have an impact that lasts for several hours.

Using the calm vibe, users report feeling more physically relaxed, more centered, more aware of their breathing, detached from stressful thoughts, less likely to react emotionally, and in some cases, mild euphoria. Energy vibe users on the other hand, report feeling a burst of physical energy, more mentally alert, focused, excited and motivated to be active.

After years of testing, Thync went on the market in June of 2015.

5. Holograms Galore

6. Advances In Prosthetics


Thanks again for the great coverage, UPROXX!!

Kim Tran