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Three Years of Thync: Recap from the Dublin WebSummit

Three years ago, Thync’s co-founder Isy Goldwasser had a brilliant idea. 

Earlier this month in Dublin at the WebSummit conference, he and co-founder Dr. Jamie Tyler presented this idea—and detailed what has come of those three years of work, testing, and research—to a roomful of event attendees and the many people following live on social media. 

(Scroll down to read the full story from the event and what people thought of the idea.) 

At the event, Jamie and Isy asked, “How do you get through the day?” And we pose that very same question to you: Are you among the many people who chug caffeine from morning to night, only to require a glass of wine or two at night to help you chill out enough to sleep? So many of us would definitely shout a resounding yes!

We all play many roles in our lives, from busy execs to parents to fitness enthusiasts, constantly shifting our states of mind as we move among these roles. The device we’ve created uses neurosignaling to shift your state of mind – on-demand – to induce states of energy or calm, without the wine or caffeine (though typically, you'd use  a specific “vibe,” depending on whether you need calm or energy more).

You may ask, “exactly what is neurosignaling?” Visit our science and technology page to learn more about it…or just subscribe to this blog and we’ll tell you more soon.


Kim Tran