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Thync and Guests ELEW NPR

Thync and Guests Spend a Night with ELEW and NPR

On the eve of the Thync app launching in the Apple store, the team brought their vibes to a Thync Salon party on July 1st. Candy pork belly, a pooch named Islay, and the “rockjazz” piano sounds by ELEW made the magic in host Susan MacTavish Best’s San Francisco Victorian home.

The Vibe Squad delivered energy and calm vibes to the partygoers, including journalists, socialites, Thync execs, and tech enthusiasts over punch-bowl margaritas and a vast gourmet menu created by MacTavish Best for the event. Clad in grey with contoured Thync devices on their temples, the Squad was able to vibe almost all of the ~70 guests with energy, calm, or both.

Halfway through the evening, the crowd gathered around to witness an intimate conversation between Thync’s CEO Isy Goldwasser and NPR’s Digital Culture Correspondent Laura Sydell. Aided by Sumon Pal, the Chief of Vibes himself, Sydell tried the calm vibe earlier in the evening, as evidence by her chill composure in front of the full room of guests.

“I thought I was going to fall asleep at one point during this.”

Sydell explained that during her vibe, Sumon told her to focus on something stressful, as a testament to its effectiveness. She chose to focus on the interview with Isy. “And I thought,” she said with an airy sigh and a smile, “ ‘Oh yeah. It’s all good.’ I think that was very positive.”

The entertainment came next. “I’ve come to rock for you,” said ELEW, rockjazz pianist and longtime Thync user, who graced the crowd with his unique style and covers. This was his second event with Thync and Susan, who hosted the first Thync Salon in New York City several weeks ago.

ELEW thanked Isy and the team for including him in the Thync community, sharing, “I get a kick out of using [Thync] gear. Sometimes I need to calm myself down, sometimes I need to energize myself up. I get a kick out of using it often, I’m sure you will too.”

Some attendees said it made them feel euphoric, while others said it made them feel focused. Some attendees who used the calm vibe were even ready for bed. Regardless, the Salon guests were showing how good feels after a night in the Thync universe.

Special thanks to Susan MacTavish Best (livingmactavish.com) and ELEW.

Further coverage of the Thync Salon can be found here USA Today and SF Gate.

Lauren Guidas