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4 out of 5 Thync Relax Pro users report lower anxiety and better sleep.*

Customer Reviews
Nick N.
“I feel reassured knowing I can go home and ease my anxiety with a simple apparatus that is not a pill.”
Ivy P.
“Thync Relax Pro has really helped improved my quality of sleep.”
Todd H.
“Better and more consistent sleep. Generally more relaxed and less anxious.”
Lisa L.
“Lowered anxiety levels quickly - exactly when I needed help. Very satisfied with the easy to use device, and the incredible results!”
Charlene O.
“It really has a tangible effect on me - I end up with a relaxed “I don't care “ attitude from being wound up about certain things. I am not sure how it works, really --- but thrilled with the results!”
So you are probably pretty skeptical of this product as I was
“Ok, so you are probably pretty skeptical of this product as I was. but it DEFINITELY WORKS. I'm a grad student in marine science and thought I'd try this in addition to coffee. I used it to get me up and out of bed in the morning and to keep me focused and going while pulling an all nighter (multiple all nighters) to set up an experiment. This thing had me going well into the morning hours. I put it on before I started work. Zapped myself for 10 minutes and was up all night.” This could have been a placebo effect, however, the placebo effect is a real effect. I was definitely working hard with it and managed to get out of bed the next day too. 4 stars because the pads are expensive and are not very reusable.
Blissed Out
“Thync has some cons but the answer to the big question is, YES - it works! My first calm vibe was amazing - my breathing slowed, I was floating and at one point felt I could inhale forever. I get panic attacks and was concerned initially about feeling out of control - all I can say is I was relaxed, couldn't speak and didn't care. It was all I'd hoped for and more. My next try I was unable to find the sweet spot - my strip lost it's adhesion and I wasted a second one and then a third trying to get the right placement. I finally did get it paced properly and by then the unit had no charge left. Grrrrrr - I shoved the whole thing in a drawer and said #*&% it. The following month I pulled it out again and decided to set up a Skype consult. I got good pointers on placement and was sent some complimentary strips. Customer service is great and the product works. Be prepared for the learning curve and for some frustration with strips that don't stick the way you want them to but do give it a try!”
Zenned out AF
“Wow. I'm impressed. I bought this for the energy portion, but I just finished the relaxation one (haven't tried energy yet as this is the evening I received the device). I am pretty blown away. I'm a sensitive person so maybe that has a lot to do with it, I needed the device to be below 30% for my relaxation vibe, anything higher is too intense. It feels like when warm water pours over your head and achy shoulders or something like that. Very calming, lifted my mood. I've seen people say "just meditate". I agree that a good meditation session would likely produce similar results, however, I have NEVER been able to shut my mind down or control my breathing and relax in my attempts to meditate before this. So if you're like me, I recommend it highly. Maybe I can use this to train myself to mediate. Once I get used to meditating with the device, my body will learn to let go, breath, and focus on relaxation on its own.”
Book Lover
New non medicinal sleep aid that really works!
“Being a woman in my 50's a good night sleep is hard to come by. Many of my friends use medication to sleep through the night but I don't want to go that route. I am familiar with TENS from physical therapy and thought this might be a good way to try and improve my sleep. I found it easy to get started and very easy to use. You can't have make up on so usually I take my makeup off and use it while I watch TV at night. ( Moisturizers must be applied afterwards or it affects the ability of the strips to adhere to your skin. It was very comfortable and you really don't even realize something is happening while you go about your business. It has improved the depth and duration of my sleep and since that was the goal I am thrilled with the product.”
“I've had my Thync for 2 weeks now and absolutely love it! I have no idea how I slept before Thync, mostly because I didn't sleep very well. I've used the calm "sleep" vibe with such success that I'm generally asleep before the session is completely over, and by "generally" I mean every single time I use it I fall asleep with it on. I rave about this little device, and highly, highly recommend it to anyone looking for something to help them sleep. As for the energy boosts? I've used these less frequently, but with no less success. I've had greater productivity on days I'm feeling sluggish after using the device, but with the ability to sleep better (thanks to the Thync) I have these less frequently. However, there's a sort of calming energy boost with the "work" vibe, which is to "Enhance and sustain your focus". I've not yet tried the Fitness vibes, but I really look forward to trying them out. They have them for both the energy (called "Motivation" and "Warmup") and calm (called "Cooldown" and "Rest") categories. If I could rate it higher than 5 stars, I would!”
I’m running faster than ever!
“I’ve been wearing Thync vibes for 2 months now and I can totally see the difference when I’m training for a marathon. I was stuck for 3 years and thanks to Thync I’m finally improving my time.”
Theresa P.
A Great Multipurpose Device
“I have really appreciated the results of using Thync. Not all vibes work as well for me--nor would I expect them to. I have most enjoyed using the device before sleep, to focus in the morning (I have a hard time staying on track sometimes), and re-energizing in the afternoon when I feel "slumpy." I was also very surprised to have the Calm strip and relax vibes release the TMJ in my jaw. I wore the Calm strip as directed and still had a relaxing effect on my shoulder and back when I had a slight shoulder injury. Pretty cool. The beauty of this device is that it is on demand and unlike pills, food, drink, etc., it has no ill effects. The instructional videos make it easy to use and anytime I have needed assistance, I have had prompt follow up by phone and email. I highly recommend the device.”