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Thync Calm
Calm Vibes
Unwind. Chill. Sleep.
Energy Vibes
Thync Energy
Motivate. Boost. Focus.
Top Tech of CES 2015 Award - Cool Tech Category
- Digital Trends
“Breath slowed, anxiety disappeared, facial tension relaxed and worries gave way to a still mind.”
- San Jose Mercury News
“Thync looks like one of the most exciting and unique products we've used this year.”
- Gizmag
Thync Calm Banner
Calm Thync Calm Vibes
Calm Vibes are neurosignaling waveforms that help you settle down and overcome anxious moments.
Take the edge off
Beat stress
Unwind after a long day
Relax before bed
Thync Energy Banner
Energy Thync Energy Vibes
In just minutes, energy vibes invigorate you for peak performance.
Get motivated
Power through
Boost your workout
Kickstart your day
Thync System
Thync combines neuroscience with technology to create new possibilities.
Science and Safety

Thync science is proven. The technology is innovative. The system is simple and safe. Wear Thync for as little as 5 minutes to calm or energize yourself.

Thync neurosignaling is our exclusive scientific approach - safely and comfortably stimulating nerves on your head and face using low level electrical pulses to signal specific areas of the brain.

The Thync System is considered a lifestyle product and has been exempted by the FDA from its medical device regulations and approvals.