Wear Thync for minutes, feel the effects for hours.

A soothing neck massage. A splash of cold water. A kiss from someone you love.
These are common examples of how nerves signal the brain to change the way you feel.
Thync works in the same way using signaling programs we call Vibes.

Thync Calm
Calm Vibes
Unwind. Chill. Sleep.
Energy Vibes
Thync Energy
Motivate. Boost. Focus.
”I was able to use Thync instead of that second cup of coffee to boost my energy in the afternoon." – Geoffrey Fowler,
The Wall Street Journal
"I’ve never conducted an interview feeling this groovy. I feel like I am under the influence of groovy.” - Cristina Quinn,
“Within a few minutes, I felt my speech slow and drop in volume. I felt serene and at ease for about an hour.” – Hope King,
Thync Calm Banner
Calm Thync Calm Vibes
Calm Vibes help you settle down and overcome anxious moments.
Take the edge off
Beat stress
Unwind after a long day
Relax before bed
Thync Energy Banner
Energy Thync Energy Vibes
In just minutes, energy vibes invigorate you for peak performance.
Get motivated
Power through
Boost your workout
Kickstart your day
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Thync System
Thync combines neuroscience with technology to create new possibilities.
Science is the foundation

World-class neuroscience has been present from day one and forms the core investment in our company.

Thync neurosignaling is our innovative and proven scientific approach – safely and comfortably stimulating nerves on your head and face using low-level, electrical pulses.  These nerves in turn signal specific areas of the brain.

Thync works in synergy with the mind and body to trigger positive responses you can feel and use.