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What if you could guide the creative, logical, and motivational networks of your brain?

What would you accomplish?

At thync, we develop products that sync with your brain to help you achieve more.


With our core U+ technology, thync is enabling new, targeted ways of accessing specific regions of the brain. U+™ was discovered by thync co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer Professor W. Jamie Tyler, who has conducted thousands of experiments since 2007 to advance this technology. Professor Tyler’s publications demonstrated the first use of ultrasound to access specific regions and networks in the rodent brain and its first use in people to enhance sensory perceptions.

For more information about the origins of U+™, refer to these articles:

About thync

At thync, our passion is to create exquisitely designed products that sync with your brain to help you achieve more. Our founding team, a collection of leading neuroscientists and consumer technologists, conceived the company with the intention of intersecting brain science and product design to make lives better.

Our team prides itself in finding innovative and unexpected ways to apply this combination. thync is backed by top venture capital firms and individual investors. Our lead investor, Khosla Ventures, led our Series A (fall 2011) and Series B (spring 2013) financings.


The thync team includes neuroscientists, consumer technologists, and seasoned advisors, investors, and entrepreneurs.


thync is building a community of like-minded people to participate in events and studies in Boston, MA. If you’re interested in taking part in this innovative research, read more here.

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