When you have the power to change the way you feel,
it changes everything.






Wear Thync for minutes, feel the effects for hours.

Motivation. Intensity. Recovery.

Being active and fit is important for achieving your full potential. Thync Energy and Calm Vibes optimize your mental and physical performance by tuning your biology for fitness.

Thync Fitness

Center. Calm. Focus.

Being centered and in the moment helps you reach your full potential. Thync Calm Vibes reduce your body’s stress responses so you are more focused and on your daily tasks. Calm Vibes also improve meditation and yoga.

Thync Mindfulness

Relax. Rest. Recover.

Rest is an essential part of functioning at your full potential. Daily stress and a busy mind result in a poor night’s sleep. The Thync Sleep Vibe activates your body’s natural “rest and recovery” response to improve your sleep tonight so you can be your best tomorrow.

Thync Sleep

I felt lazy

Now I feel motivated

I felt stressed

Now I feel calm

I felt scattered

Now I feel focused

I felt restless

Now I feel sleepy

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Proven Science

Thync uses low-energy waveforms to safely and comfortably signal nerves on your head and face. These nerves signal specific areas of the brain that cause your body to relax or energize.

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